Food Is Not Your Enemy

July 8, 2009, 3:54 pm
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I’m in Stockholm right now, trying to type on a keyboard that is very similar to the U.S. keyboard, but which also has such keys as “ö” and “ä” where I expect other characters to be, so it’s messing me up a bit.

The highlight of my trip so far has been going into the woods in Ädelsö (I think that’s where the umlauts are supposed to be) to hunt for chanterelle mushrooms. It is a bit early for mushrooms, we were warned, but then my husband’s aunt showed us a good spot to begin our hunt. Sure enough, right next to the trunk of a birch tree, there were our first two chanterelles, which I found after carelessly kicking aside some dead leaves. We were told to look under leaves, but I certainly wasn’t expecting to find anything in this first random place I looked. But there they were, and once you find one, there are almost always a bunch more right nearby.

Chanterelles seem to like to spring up near tree trunks and next to large rocks. In all, we found about 25, a really good haul. We folded them into a giant omelet for dinner. Succulent.


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