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Bottled Water: Necessary?
July 17, 2009, 4:38 pm
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Marion Nestle, NYU nutrition professor and expert on food politics and marketing, can really make you feel like a sucker for drinking bottled water. Is it safer and more clean? Hardly. It’s essentially just tap water in a pretty package, marketed to us by food industry giants.

Yes, bottled water can be a great thing when you’re out and about and you get thirsty. But after you finish your bottle, instead of recycling it, why not reuse it instead? Wash it out, refill it with tap water, and bring it along on your next outing.


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I’ve been re-filling and re-using my water bottles for years. Recently, I’ve heard that the soft plastic in bottles contains chemicals that may disrupt our hormones. I’m curious what you’ve heard and/or observed on this topic. I’ve been meaning to buy a stainless steel container, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Comment by Jody Sperling

The safe/not-safe debate and environmental concerns were the catalysts for us to decrease our use of plastic. We use stainless steel water bottles and canteens. Instead of replacing plastic food containers we use glass food jars, bowls and plates for our left overs. Don’t get me wrong, plastic is very convenient and difficult to completely eliminate but the less we use the less risk if indeed the plastics are unsafe and I know the environment is benefitting.

Comment by Lena Pietri

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