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4 Weight Loss Tips for Your Family
August 18, 2009, 11:28 am
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When the children of overweight parents are also overweight, people often talk about a genetic factor–it’s inevitable that the kids are heavy, because it runs in their family. But is it nature, or nurture?

Several times in the past when I was at a town or hotel pool, I noticed a stark difference in the habits of the kids who were fit and those who were heavy. While the lean kids were swimming, the heavier kids were walking back from the ice cream truck with huge cones of soft serve. I once even saw a couple of overweight sisters eating licorice and candy bars while in the water–candy handed to them from the edge of the pool by their overweight mother.

If parents are overweight, they tend to pass down their eating habits to their children. This may take the form of portions that are too large at mealtime, or mid-day ice cream cones several times a week, or fast food for dinner on a regular basis, or soda and juice drinks consumed several times a day. More often than not, when you observe the eating habits of overweight children, it’s not a mystery why they’re overweight. They’re simply taking in too many calories.

In order for children to attain a healthy weight, they–and their parents–must create healthy habits, for the whole family. Here are some very basic tips on doing this, courtesy of Dr. Andrew Weil.


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This was interesting — I like Dr. Weil’s tips, too, very sensible. Not sure I totally agree with “leave the cookies at the store” (a sweet treat is okay now and then, I think) but I see his overall point and I’m with him.

Comment by Andrea

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