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Those Fourth Graders? They’re Shunning Sugar
March 4, 2010, 8:08 pm
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A  few weeks ago I wrote about how I went into P.S. 321 in Brooklyn and taught all the fourth grade science classes about the problems that come with eating too much sugar, and how much sugar is in soft drinks. Today, the science teachers sent me a big empty soda bottle with the words “Jennifer Juice” drawn on the outside, along with a drawing of me, and inside were tiny little thank you notes from every single child in the fourth grade. It was unbelievably awesome. Here are what some of the notes said:

“Thank you a lot for teaching us how much sugar is in those drinks because now I don’t drink them anymore.”

“Dear Jennifer, I learned about how much sugar I eat and now I don’t eat as much candy and I’m trying to eat way less.”

“Thank you Jennifer for teaching me about sugar. Now I have a lot of fruit and not candy. Whenever my brother drinks an Orange Crush I say ‘Lukas! That is gross! That has 21 grams of sugar in it!'”

“Dear Jennifer, I’ve been eating much more healthy things. Thank you so, so much!”

“Thank you so much Jennifer. I was very shocked and disappointed of how much sugar was in Crush, Vitamin Water, and Snapple.”

“Jennifer: Thank you for your awesome lesson on sugar! People really consume a lot of sugar in a day. Wow! Now I always check the label!” (This note included a drawing of a “sugar monster” chasing a little person screaming, “Help!”)

Choking back tears. So wonderful, these kids.


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