Food Is Not Your Enemy

This Could Be You
June 15, 2010, 11:55 am
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A couple of new testimonials are now up on my site:

“My thought in starting with Jen was that no one ever reaches peak performance in anything without a coach. This is true in sports, music, business … so why not health? Paying Jen to coach me on eating and living healthy in general accomplished just that. Instead of years of broken promises to myself, I made good changes that stuck. Measurable, too … 180 to 160 lbs. and cholesterol from 245 to 154 in six months.”

-Dan Hoffman, Brooklyn, NY

“I love putting on my dress slacks and skirts in the morning and having the leftover waist band. I need to move down to a smaller size. There was no dieting involved with Jen–I lost 7 lbs. without even trying! I am no longer bingeing on candy and sweets. For some reason I don’t have the desire. I used to be thinking of my next meal/snack all the time, however, my cravings have been curbed and food is in a better place in my list of priorities now.”

-Charlee Miller, New York, NY

Are you ready to change things up for yourself? If you are, then contact me for a free consultation, which can take place in person or over the phone.


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