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Can You Lose Weight by Standing Up?

Good news: you can burn calories by doing something other than exercising. It’s called standing up.

You can also pace around your office while on the phone. Or walk 10 minutes to get your lunch rather than having it delivered. Or fold laundry. Or rake leaves.

Called Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis, or NEAT, these types of physical movements may seem like nothing, but they do add up and can account for as much as 500 to 1,000 calories burned per day.

Sounds crazy, right? But a Mayo Clinic study has proven that leaner people have more NEAT in their day than people who are overweight.

It’s well-known that we’ve become more sedentary over the years–we can thank machines and technology for that. We now e-mail a colleague down the hall rather than walk to their office to hand them a document. We use remote controls instead of getting up to adjust the volume. We rely on snow blowers so we don’t have to shovel. We buy electric toothbrushes so we don’t have to move our arm so much.

Think about what ease and convenience has done to your waistline. Then, please, get out of your chair. Need another reason to do so? A study has found that sitting for hours on end can activate genes that are linked to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Now adding more NEAT into your day doesn’t then mean you can skip your workouts–getting your heart rate up on a regular basis and building muscle are still key to maintaining good health. But making sure you get out of your chair and do, well, almost anything, will really be a difference-maker.

Need support in eating better? Working one-on-one with a holistic nutrition counselor can help. Contact me for a free consultation, which can take place over the phone.


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