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School Food That Sort of Actually Rocked …
October 26, 2010, 10:47 am
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So I was on hand at the School Food Rocks event at MS 51 in Brooklyn this past weekend. A few things that stood out:

  • A girl, about 10, I’d guess, walked up to me at my information table and said, “Why do they call this ‘School Food Rocks’ when school food definitely does not rock?”
  • The school lunch they whipped up for us attendees sort of rocked. They now only use whole wheat pasta in NYC school cafeterias, something I was wary of when I first heard about it only because some brands of whole wheat pasta taste like cardboard. But they found a good kind, and my penne bolognese was good. On the side I had a roasted broccoli/cauliflower/carrot/chick pea combo that was truly tasty–I would have complimented a friend if they rolled this out as a dinner party side dish (not kidding!) They were also serving whole wheat flatbread paninis, fresh fruit, salad, and whole grain rolls.
  • The NYC school food program only gets to spend $1 a child for lunch. Which made our lunch at the event all the more impressive.
  • I learned just how much power parents can wield if they get organized and approach their kid’s school in a constructive way (offering solutions, not just complaining about problems). The executive chef of the NYC school food program is totally, completely on board with improving school food and understands the issues. So we are not fighting an uphill battle here against politicians who don’t care. Though money remains an issue, of course.

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I’m looking to start trying to change the school program in my child’s Elementary school for the better. Tired of them complaining of raw meat or stomach pains after lunch. How can we go about to start this process? Any help is appreciated!!!

Comment by Juan Rodriguez

Hi Juan,
Here’s a great site to get you started:


Comment by jcschonborn

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