Food Is Not Your Enemy

The Real Reason You May Be Fatigued, Bloated, or in Pain

Do you regularly suffer from stomach aches? What about bloating? Constipation? IBS? Joint pain? Fatigue? Brain fog? Skin rashes? Headaches? If you do, do you know why? And does your doctor know why? Have you seen your doctor about any of these issues, only to be given a pill to take care of the problem, and then, well, you don’t get any better?

All of these symptoms–and many others–can occur as a result of your body being sensitive/allergic to a food or foods. And getting an allergy test won’t necessarily uncover the problem. Allergists and immunologists generally administer skin-prick or blood tests that seek out what’s called an acute or type 1 sensitivity to foods–the type of reaction that is immediate and can cause hives, impaired breathing, and even death. But what these tests often don’t find are the foods that can cause delayed reactions in a person, reactions which can occur anywhere from a few minutes after eating a food to 72 hours later. And the list of ailments above are exactly what can develop if you have this type of sensitivity.

I have worked with many clients who have tested negative for gluten intolerance, for instance, only to discover though our work together that there is no question that gluten, a protein found in wheat and some other grains, was the cause of their discomfort. After cutting gluten from her diet, one client’s chronic joint pain disappeared–immediately. Another client’s unexplained fatigue and brain fog became a thing of the past. Another’s stomach pain vanished. Dairy, soy, eggs, and corn are among the other foods that can commonly cause symptoms like these.

So if you suffer from any of these symptoms, how can you figure out if it is in fact a food sensitivity that’s causing your problems? You can either do a piecemeal approach, eliminating one suspected food at a time, or go whole hog by doing a detox program, which eliminates most common “problem” foods at once. Either approach will ultimately be more effective than a blood or skin test, and it’s worth your time and effort. If you would like to do a self-guided detox program, more info is available here.  If you’d like more sustained support for working through your issues, contact me to set up a free consultation.

It’s not normal to have digestive problems all the time, to be constipated all the time, to be tired and foggy all the time. If you take some time to look into the possibility that you may be sensitive to one or more foods, you may end up with life-changing results.


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Forgot how I reacted to corn tortilla tacos and tortilla chips until I had them again today. Strong fatigue~ serious brain fog and bloating. Can’t focus on a darn thing. Is this a complex or simple carbohydrate sensitivity? Haven’t paid attention to flour tortilla reactions. I can eat a wheat thin bread sandwich so don’t think its gluten. Thanks for your input. Terri

Comment by Terri

It’s likely a problem with corn!

Comment by jcschonborn

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