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Should You Do a Juice Cleanse?
July 22, 2014, 1:54 pm
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If you haven’t tried a juice cleanse yourself, you very likely know someone who has. Or at least you’ve heard about a celebrity who has—Oprah Winfrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively, and Daniel Craig are among the many stars who’ve jumped on the juicing bandwagon.

What is a juice cleanse, exactly? A cleanse of this nature involves forgoing solid food for a number of days and replacing it with fresh-pressed fruit and vegetable juices. The idea is that you’re supposed to be giving your digestive system a rest, clearing toxins out of your body, and kickstarting weight loss. Which all sounds great, except for the fact you’ll likely wish you were dead by day 3.

You will be hungry. Very hungry. You will be cranky. You will be unable to concentrate on the simplest of tasks. You will lose weight. And then you will gain it back.

Detoxing, in theory, is a great idea. I regularly have my clients undergo a detox to help them identify food sensitivities and to help them lose a few pounds more quickly than they might otherwise. But the detox I advocate involves real, actual food—that you chew—and keeps you energized and satisfied. A juice cleanse, while forcing you to forgo the foods/drinks/habits that might be making you ill, also forces you to endure intense hunger, blood sugar peaks and valleys, and an unrealistic way of nourishing yourself that you certainly can’t continue to sustain. As soon as you start eating food again, those pounds you quickly dropped will come right back. That’s what happens after you do a crash diet. Which is exactly what a juice cleanse is—just another crash diet.

Occasional fresh-pressed juices can be a perfectly healthy part of your diet. But as your breakfast, lunch, and dinner for days on end? Forget it.