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Not Just What You Eat, But When You Eat Matters

When I was attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I heard two anecdotes, one from Dr. Mark Hyman and the other from Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. John Douillard, about how much it can matter when you eat.

Dr. Hyman explained how the last thing you want to do is eat most of your food before bed, as that food tends to get stored as fat as we sleep. He called eating like this the “sumo wrestler diet,” as sumo wrestlers in Japan, when they want to put on weight, will make a point of eating right before bed.

Dr. Douillard, on the other hand, explained how he helped a very obese man lose a lot of weight by recommending that he eat only one meal a day—a Thanksgiving-sized meal—at noon. The man was stunned to find that this odd-sounding directive actually worked, and the pounds fell off. According to Ayurvedic tradition, our digestive system is functioning optimally in the middle of the day, and that is when we should be eating the bulk of our calories as a result. While I think the one-meal-a-day approach is a bit extreme for most of us, I do like the idea of a big hearty lunch.

While everyone is different, most of my clients who are looking to lose weight find it helpful to frontload their calories earlier in the day—a good solid breakfast, a big lunch, and then a more modest dinner. Many also find it helpful to stick to regular meal times, and avoid grazing all day. Some newer studies have found that it’s better for our metabolism to wait about 4-6 hours between eating times, and to give ourselves a good 12 hours between dinner and breakfast. If we’re constantly snacking, then our bodies don’t have an opportunity to start burning our fat stores.

So don’t assume that as long as you stick to a certain number of calories a day then you’ll lose weight. For best results, watch the clock.

Milk and Sugar Cause Acne, Study Finds
May 2, 2012, 12:34 pm
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For years many dermatologists have denied there’s a link between diet and acne. Finally, a study has found that dairy, sugar, and refined carbs DO in fact cause and worsen acne.

Personally, I have found this to be true. If I eat too much sugar, a day or two later my forehead will break out.  As soon as I get myself back on track and limit dessert and go heavy on the fruits, veggies, and fish, my skin improves.

LYFE Kitchen: Truly Healthy Food Brought to You By Former McDonald’s Execs?

Crazy! But great! Apparently a couple of former execs from McDonald’s are planning to open a “fast food” restaurant, LYFE Kitchen, that will serve truly healthy foods, including grass-fed beef and dishes under 600 calories, all for low dough. Dr. Mark Hyman, the brilliant integrative medicine doc, has been advising them on their vision, so I can’t help but think this might be the real deal.