Food Is Not Your Enemy

Pizza Sauce To Count as a Veggie?

Echoing the days when President Reagan declared that ketchup counted as a vegetable on school lunch trays, now it’s looking like the sauce on frozen pizza may be headed for the same distinction. Thanks, lawmakers. At a time when our nation’s childhood obesity rate is skyrocketing, should we really be looking to cut corners like this, and find ways to ensure that our kids are served no extra veggies and fruits with their school lunch? Do we really want to pat ourselves on the back for serving our kids frozen pizza, justifying that this is a healthy option?

UPDATE: And…. yes, the House of Representatives has in fact now voted to protect pizza as a vegetable.


The Success of the All-Carrot Vending Machine

I love this story! A vending machine containing nothing but baby carrots was placed in a school in Ohio. Did the carrots shrivel and mold in there, while the kids sought out candy elsewhere? No! The kids bought the carrots, and the gutsy experiment proved to be a success.

It seems that when kids are hungry, they will eat whatever is made available to them. So instead of candy and Fritos, how about stocking schools with, in addition to baby carrots, such snacks as roasted peanuts, trail mix, raisins, Larabars (whose only ingredients are fruit and nuts and sometimes unsweetened chocolate), and string cheese?

Beef: Safe or Scary?

It feels like every other week we’re hearing about a beef recall due to E. coli or salmonella contamination. Either that or we’re reading how eating beef will cause everything from heart disease to cancer to global warming. What to do? Can beef be a healthy part of your family’s diet, or should you shun those Styrofoam trays of rib steaks and ground sirloin in the meat case? Read my latest column on AOL’s ParentDish to find out.