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The Best and Worst Foods to Eat at Subway (the Sandwich Shop)
March 31, 2011, 1:56 pm
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It seems that tons of people on a regular basis search for “the best” or “the worst” foods to eat at Subway, and end up being directed by Google to my story about the best and worst foods to eat ON the subway, as in the NYC trains.  So I imagine that plenty of people wondering whether they should order the meatball sub or the veggie sub now have a full but perhaps unlooked-for understanding of my feelings about people who clip their nails during the morning commute.

In the interest of providing the information that many people so clearly crave, here is a link to the full nutrition information for Subway, the sandwich chain.

As chains go, Subway isn’t terrible. The calorie counts are very modest compared to what you’ll see on the nutrition info sheets for, say, the Cheesecake Factory or KFC. But just remember that cold cuts are not particularly healthy, and there’s nothing about Subway’s fare that will promote weight loss–Jared lost all that weight simply by cutting calories.

Best and Worst Foods to Eat on the Subway
March 11, 2010, 12:36 pm
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While subway riders in New York City are technically not allowed to eat anything on the train, we all know that many of us do. Sometimes it can be tough avoid, like if you have a job interview during your lunch hour and need to cram some calories in before you arrive. But there are smart ways to eat, and gross ways to eat while riding the rails. Here are some tips:

4 Worst Foods to Eat on the Subway:

Cheetos/Doritos/potato chips/French fries. For the sake of your health, but more importantly, the sake of your fellow riders, avoid eating anything that will leave orange powder or grease all over your fingers. Because you know it’ll all end up on the pole.

Complicated sandwiches. Lettuce and tomato and veggies on a sandwich are usually a good thing, but on the subway, this is a no no. The last thing you want to be eating while the car is lurching up Broadway is a sandwich that will inevitably dump some of its ingredients onto your lap or the floor. Bacon strips on a sammy can be a problem for this reason too.

Hot meat or fish. New York is full of vegetarians. Full. As well as people who just about gag at the smell of fish in close quarters. To avoid stinking up the car and inducing nausea in others, save the burger or tuna run for later.

Soda/Snapple. Soft drinks are not a good choice ever, really (empty calories), but on the subway? We can really all do without your bottle rolling to and fro and hitting people in the feet when you’re done. The only thing worse than a runaway empty on the subway is the person who cuts their nails during the morning commute.

4 Best Foods to Eat on the Subway:

Dried fruit and nuts. Healthy, easy to eat, not messy, filling.

Cut veggies. Pop open a Tupperware of pre-cut veggies, maybe even with some hummus in there for dipping, and you’ve got another non-messy and healthy snack.

Peanut butter sandwich. As far as sandwiches go, peanut butter, either plain or with jelly or honey, is the way to go. No runaway condiments.

Smoothie. Pack a homemade smoothie into a thermos or commuter cup and you’ve got a filling and very quick-to-consume mini-meal.

Happy riding and eating!

Deli Meats: Safe or Scary?

Deli meats are not only a staple in most kids’ lunchboxes, they’re also now thought of as “diet food” by many, thanks to the Subway ads touting the weight Jared Fogle lost while eating the chain’s sandwiches. Is there something magical about cold cuts that will lead to weight loss?

Absolutely not — Jared simply reduced his caloric intake to drop the weight, and chose to do it by eating no breakfast, and then a sandwich for lunch and dinner. But are deli meats like bologna, salami, roast beef, and turkey good for you and your kids? Read my latest column on AOL’s ParentDish to find out.